Christ Church on the Common

The Episcopal Church in Gardiner, Maine

Youth Group

Youth Group is meeting outdoors or masked indoors about twice a month.  Please email Kerry (see below) if you would like more information.

When we are not in the midst of a pandemic…

Youth Group usually starts with a snack and a fun activity before moving into discussion/lesson time. We want kids to  find the space here to explore religion and their faith and their own relationship with God with no judgment.  We hope they will bring their questions and beliefs to the group conversations and feel respected and safe–even if they disagree with one another.

We believe that serving others is an important way that we grow in our relationship with God.  The Youth have hosted the Community Suppers in Gardiner and worked at the Bridging the Gap ministries in Augusta.  We continue to look for ways to serve the community around us.

Email Kerry, for more information or to be put on the Youth Group Email List.


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