Christ Church on the Common

The Episcopal Church in Gardiner, Maine

What We Believe

What We Believe

Christ Church is an historic, open, and welcoming Episcopal Church. We love Jesus and follow his way of compassion, reconciliation, and justice in the world.  We gather weekly to celebrate communion – the sacred feast of God’s family – and share it with anyone and everyone. In our baptism service, we promise to love our neighbors as ourselves and uphold the dignity of every human being – and we believe this means everybody, no exceptions. We believe that when someone is hungry, we feed them; when someone is sick, we care for them.  We affirm and bless committed relationships that are lifelong and monogamous, but we recognize that divorce happens, and it is our job to love people even more when they experience painful life events.  We accept and respect the teachings of science, and we believe it’s our responsibility to care for the planet, “this fragile earth, our island home.”

In The Episcopal Church, men and women can be deacons, priests, and bishops.  At the same time, we affirm that ministry is the work of every member of the church.  We understand that faith is often about asking tough questions.  We honor such questions, we accept doubters, and we are humble enough to admit we do not always have all the answers to every question in life.  We believe the Bible to be the word of God but not the “words” of God.  We take the Bible too seriously to always take it literally.  We rejoice that the Christian Scriptures tell us, “God is Love” and we strive to honor the God of Love in all we say and do.

We believe that God loves you just as you are. So anytime you want to join us at Christ Church– helping to feed the hungry, joining us for a special event, or attending a worship service – you will be welcome.


(Adapted from several sources)

Christ Church – Gardiner, Maine | A member of The Episcopal Diocese of Maine, The Episcopal Church, and the Worldwide Anglican Communion