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How Do I . . .

Join The Episcopal Church

We invite you to attend services at Christ Church.  If you decide to become a member of the Episcopal Church, talk with our Priest.  You will be invited to attend Confirmation classes to learn about Church history, worship, tradition and values. Membership in the Episcopal Church requires baptism.

Prepare For Baptism

How do I prepare for a baptism at at Christ Church Episcopal in Gardiner, Maine.Baptism is one of the most important milestones in the life of a family and is administered to individuals of any age who have not been previously baptized in another Christian denomination.  It is a service of Christian initiation by which the individual becomes a member of the body of Christ and the Church.  It is an occasion of joy and celebration. If someone joins the Episcopal Church from another denomination, their baptism with water and in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is recognized.

Baptism takes place during the Sunday morning worship service so that the Christ Church family can share in the promises made with parents and godparents to bring up the child within the Christian faith. (BCP pg 299)  If the parents, or person being baptized, are not already members of Christ Church, we invite you to become members of our Church family and to participate in the next introductory course exploring the basis of our Christian faith.  For more information, please call the Parish Office at 207 582-3354.

Prepare For Confirmation – Reception – Reaffirmation

At Christ Church, those baptized as infants, are expected, at an appropriate age, to make a mature, public affirmation of their commitment to their baptismal vows.  This is known as Confirmation and usually takes place in the teen years after completion of instruction classes. Adults wishing to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church also complete instruction classes.

Reception is the service that welcomes those baptized persons transferring from another denomination into the Episcopal Church.

Reaffirmation is for those baptized who desire to publicly reaffirm their faith and commitment to their baptismal vows, especially after a period of absence or at the start of a new ministry.

Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation services are done during a visit of the Bishop to Christ Church or at a regional service with other congregations.



How do I plan my wedding at at Christ Church Episcopal in Gardiner, Maine?You are taking the most important step in your lives and we at Christ Church want to help make this day your perfect day.  We are pleased you are considering our beautiful and historic 1820 Church for your wedding celebration.

First, contact our Priest by phone or email so s/he can learn something about you and your reasons for selecting Christ Church. Together you will set up meetings to discuss legal requirements of the Church and a program of marriage preparation.  Couples will meet with our Priest a minimum of three times for counseling and instruction.  These sessions will last approximately one hour each and will cover topics of finance,  communication, family and children, the nature of the vows and commitment to the marriage.

Christ Church is not available for weddings during Advent (December), Lent (early Spring) and Holy Week (the week before Easter).

About the Wedding Service

The only forms of marriage service permitted are those authorized by the Episcopal Church.  Modest displays of flowers, aisle runners and pew markers may be provided by the couple. Rice and birdseed are not permitted.  A video camera may be placed in a discreet location to record your ceremony, however photographs may not be taken during the service.   Music is such an important part of your wedding celebration.  Our Church organist is always available to help with musical selections for your special day.

Church Rental

If you are non-episcopalian or non-denominational and are looking for that “special” place for your wedding, we invite you to consider Christ Church.  Our early stone church with its’ Paul Revere bell, Charles Connick stained glass windows and gothic interior might be just the ideal setting for your marriage ceremony.  Call our Parish Office at 207 582-3354 for further details.


In the Episcopal Church, a funeral is a celebration of resurrection (life).  Baptized Christians are properly buried from the Church.  Our Priest will assist you in making decisions for a meaningful and appropriate service and will perform the burial rites.  Guest clergy are sometime invited to read lessons, lead prayers and/or preach.  There is a wealth of beautiful and appropriate sacred music suitable for use in the service.  Our organist is available to help with your selections.  With our Prayer Book as our guide, scriptures are chosen and may be read by family or friends during the service.  The Church office will provide a funeral program after consulting with the family.  You may want to include a favorite scripture or poem, a brief biography of the deceased, an invitation to the reception, and organizations to receive contributions in memory of the loved one.

Funeral Receptions

The Parish Hall may be used for a reception following the service.  If a reception is desired, a group within the Parish may be available to assist, or you may use your own caterer.  Please check with the Parish Office at 207 582 3354 for more information.